WBCE CMS Add-Ons – 09. Other Frontend Modules

Diverse andere Frontend-Module  / misc. frontend modules

Bild Name Version Last update Details

404 Page Redirect

intelligent page not found redirect
1.6 2024/06/17 Details...
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Cookie Consent

Simple way to include the cookie information
2.4.3 2021/05/23 Details...

Cookie Permission

Ask for cookie permission
0.1.2 2018/02/21 Details...
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Converts a CSV-file to a sortable, filterable HTML-table
0.13 2020/04/20 Details...
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Drag n Drop Upload

Allow Admins or any user to upload (also large) files
0.2.6 2023/02/17 Details...
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Dynamic Table

Add sort an filter functions to a static table
0.5.8 2020/06/27 Details...
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Just an upload for a single image
0.3.1 2020/06/27 Details...
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small forum module
0.6.6 2022/10/11 Details...
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Google Reviews

Show Google Reviews on your website
1.1 2024/02/07 Details...


Nothing more, nothing less
2.8.82 2022/10/08 Details...
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Dead simple module for displaying a headline
0.3 2023/05/15 Details...

Inline Wrapper

Fetch external content without iframe
2.9.8 2022/10/08 Details...
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Snippet to turn MP3 file links into a small player
0.1.2 2020/04/19 Details...
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Create an OSM based map with multiple custom markers
1.1.5 2020/06/27 Details...
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Display styled messages
1.0.1 2022/10/11 Details...


Display messages when a visitor leaves a page
0.1 2017/09/13 Details...
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MiniHero Banner Image - v0.6

The most easy way ever of creating a hero image
0.6 2022/12/05 Details...
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MiniHero Banner Video

Background video module
0.2 2017/08/15 Details...
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Generates an On-Load Popup
0.4 2020/07/07 Details...
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Basic module to include a RSS feed into a page
0.3.12 2023/02/07 Details...
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Number counters 1.1

configurable number counter
1.1.2 2020/06/27 Details...
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Prism (Syntax Highlighter)

Show Code examples with syntax highlighting on your page
1.0.1 2020/06/27 Details...
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Reviews and Ratings

Add star reviews to any reviewable content, also usable for comments
1.4.7 2022/10/08 Details...

RSS Feed all

All Updates of the website as RSS feed
0.4.4 2021/04/19 Details...
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Adds a "scroll to top" button in the lower right of each frontend page
0.2 2020/07/27 Details...
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Smart Image

Easy upload, resize and positioning of a page image
0.1.2 2020/07/23 Details...
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Socialmedia made easy (shareBaker)

Add social share buttons to your website
2.12 2024/02/05 Details...
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VRGR snippet

Easy image lightbox
0.2 2021/03/02 Details...
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WYSIWYG module with extra fields
0.3.3 2023/02/20 Details...


Let it snow
0.1 2020/12/11 Details...
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Generates a sitemap
4.0.11 2021/02/07 Details...
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Embed third party contents after opt-in
0.9 2023/07/17 Details...
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VegasSlider (vslider)

Module for Vagas Slider
1.0.3 2021/03/13 Details...

Template Switcher

1.0.2 2022/12/16 Details...
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Compare two images with slider
1.0 2023/09/06 Details...