WBCE CMS Add-Ons – 08. Content Organizing

Inhalte oranisieren: Module, um Inhalte auf verschiedenen Seiten oder übergreifend anzeigen / Display contents on any other pages or the whole site

Bild Name Version Last update Details

Blog Menu for News with Images

Generate NWI overviews by category & date
0.2 2020/04/15 Details...
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GlobalStrings Manager

display certain strings on your website
0.8.4 2020/06/27 Details...

News with Images anywhere

Show NWI posts where you want
0.3.7 2023/01/18 Details...
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Section Picker / Section Picker N!

Select & include a section from another page
0.29.1 / 0.5 2021/03/13 Details...