Droplets are small chunks of PHP which can provide multiple information. You can use them e.g. for displaying the content of a specific section, generate a subnavigation or showing the output of your own PHP functions. With the Droplets module for you can easily import and export droplets.

If you have created a droplet you would like to share with the WBCE community, please use our forum at forum.wbce.org.

BTW, many droplets are already included in WBCE CMS.



    • Font Awesome
      Released: 17.04.2017 | Downloads: 1077

      Simple Way to place Font Awesome icons in the text, e.g. . Requires the Font Awesome webfont CSS to be loaded (either by CDN or included to template). Has now the possibility to set the size, e.g. Example: [ [fa?f=lightbulb-o] ] or [ [fa?f=lightbulb-o&size=2x]] (up to 5x)

    • Foto
      Released: 26.02.2024 | Downloads: 15

      Creates an <img src> tag from a given file. Optional parameters: width, height, alignment, style, css class, subdirectory.

    • Get Section By Name
      Released: 13.03.2020 | Downloads: 396

      Modification of the Section Picker Droplet. This one uses not the ID but the name (if given) of a section to fetch its contents.

    • MP4 Video
      Released: 13.03.2020 | Downloads: 718

      Generate a HTML5 video tag for mp4 files in the media folder.

    • OSM Map
      Released: 09.05.2017 | Downloads: 1200

      Creates an OpenStreetmap tile with an marker and a comment. Example: (This droplet is a contribution of WBCE community member berny)

    • picslider
      Released: 18.05.2019 | Downloads: 542

      Imageslider using keyframes, created by frankw. See https://forum.wbce.org/viewtopic.php?pid=24131#p24131 or droplet notices for details.

    • RandomImage
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 1001

      Get a random image from a folder in the MEDIA folder. (This droplet is bundled with the droplets module.)

    • Replace Character
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 806

      Use this droplet to replace one or more characters when the page is rendered. This could be used f.ex. as an easy way to add line breaks to menu titles.

    • Section Picker
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 917

      Display the content of any section on another page.

    • Section Picker 1.4
      Released: 13.03.2020 | Downloads: 436

      The default Section Picker Droplet from WBCE 1.4 which uses new methods to fetch the content.

    • ShowMultipleWYSIWYG
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 857

      Display multiple identified WYSIWYG Sections
      Modification of the ShowSection Droplet, ShowMultipleWYSIWYG will display the WYSIWYG sections that you identify

    • ShowRandomWYSIWYG
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 630

      Randomly display a WYSIWYG section from a given list

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    • LastModifiedPages
      Released: 20.04.2023 | Downloads: 123

      Shows a list of last modified pages, can be configured with optional parameters (show max. X entries, show only entries in a certain language, show only childpages of a certain page)

    • SitemapChild
      Released: 11.07.2016 | Downloads: 1040

      Creates a list of child pages from the current page or a given page id.

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    Module specific

    • Bakery: CartLink
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 826

      Adds a link to your modul Bakery cart.

    • Bakery: MiniCart
      Released: 01.02.2021 | Downloads: 943

      Include the shopping cart to any page. (For use with Bakery up to v. 1.8.9)

    • Get Field Data
      Released: 13.03.2020 | Downloads: 326

      Versatile module for displaying data which was collected via mpform.

    • ProCalendar: Multiple Views
      Released: 07.05.2023 | Downloads: 206

      This zip includes the droplets for the event list, concert calendar, mini calendar and calendar view for the ProCalendar module. Last update 2023/05/07.

    • ShortURL
      Released: 20.02.2017 | Downloads: 711

      Form WBCE CMS 1.2 the module ShortURL is no longer shipped by default. If you use the module, this droplet HAS to be called in the used frontend template(s), otherwise the navigation still displays the usual "long" URLs and miniform does not work (!).

    • Topics: RSS Statistic
      Released: 13.05.2017 | Downloads: 473

      Just in case it's missing. Droplet for Google RSS statistic or sth. in that way, included in the Topics installation package.

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    • CreateToc
      Released: 23.08.2023 | Downloads: 72

      Creates a "Table of Contents" from Headings in a page (h1-h6); also adds "Back to top"-links before every heading.
      See also: https://forum.wbce.org/viewtopic.php?id=5194

    • Edit This Page
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 787

      Add a direct link to the edit view of the current page to its frontend view.

    • LoginBox (fixed)
      Released: 12.04.2016 | Downloads: 1142

      Use: [ [LoginBox?redirect=url] ], whilst url has to be the complete path, e.g http://www.example.com/pages/target.php. You can also use wblink, but have to add a dummy parameter (otherwiese there will be problems with the brackets), e.g. [ [loginbox?redirect=[wblink 42]&foo=bar] ] (remove blanks!)

    • ModifiedWhen
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 740

      Displays the last modification time of the current page. (This droplet is bundled with the droplets module.)

    • pclean
      Released: 11.07.2016 | Downloads: 634

      Removes the <p> ... </p> around content which was generated by a droplet. (This problem occurs when the droplet is called in a wysiwyg section.) Note that this droplet possibly removes wanted p tags nevertheless, e.g. when using the Font-Awesome-Droplet.

      Add this droplet to your template just above the </body> tag.

    • RandomOrLatest
      Released: 08.01.2016 | Downloads: 681

      Shows a random or the latest image from a folder tree
      See also: http://wbaddons.webbird.de/?do=item&item=10

    • Text2png
      Released: 09.02.2016 | Downloads: 779

      Use: Text2png?text=(text, Mandatory)&ttffile=(fontfile.ttf, Mandatory)&fontcolor=(fontcolor, Optional)&fontsize=(fontsize, Optional)

      text = Text to convert into truecolor png with transparent background.
      ttffile = True Type Font file (.ttf or .otf), must be in the folder media/fonts/ but you can change this in the code.
      fontcolor = Color in 6 digit HEX format, "000000" (black) by default.
      fontsize = Size of the font in points (if gd2 is used, otherwise in pixels), 12 by default.

      This droplet has a rudimentary but efficient caching system but it never deletes any file, if you want you can delete all the png files starting with the name "text2png_" in your temp folder, droplet will recreate the needed files.

      This droplet was created by forum member "quinto". Thanks for sharing!

    • Users In Group
      Released: 13.03.2020 | Downloads: 349

      Lists all members of a given group with their display name, email address and date of registration. Please note: The date of registration is available since WBCE 1.4, if the users registered in an older version and/or the website is not running with WBCE 1.4+, the date will be displayed as "01.01.1970".

      Also you should make sure that the users gave their consent to publish their personal data (GDPR)!