WBCE CMS Add-Ons – 01. Recommended Modules

Empfehlungen: Ausgewählte Module für oft gewünschte Funktionen / selected modules for often needed features

Bild Name Version Last update Details
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CKEditor / CKEditor Developer Edition

Default WYSIWYG Editor
4.22.1 2023/07/02 Details...
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Extremely versatile form module
1.3.43 2022/11/22 Details...
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Powerful module for all kinds of pages
1.1.9 2022/10/11 Details...
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GlobalStrings Manager

display certain strings on your website
0.8.4 2020/06/27 Details...
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Fraggy Backend Theme

Responsive, bootstrap based backend theme
2.7.1 2023/07/02 Details...
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Socialmedia made easy (shareBaker)

Add social share buttons to your website
2.12 2024/02/05 Details...
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Versatile gallery module with a great variety of lightbox scripts
2.0.14 2023/02/04 Details...
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Minigallery Version2.5

nice, responsive gallery module
2.5.3 2019/04/16 Details...
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MiniHero Banner Image - v0.6

The most easy way ever of creating a hero image
0.6 2022/12/05 Details...
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Reviews and Ratings

Add star reviews to any reviewable content, also usable for comments
1.4.7 2022/10/08 Details...
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Cookie Consent

Simple way to include the cookie information
2.4.3 2021/05/23 Details...
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News with Images

Publish news items with no hazzle
5.0.25 2024/02/02 Details...
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The jquery accordion script »Ziehharmonika« as a module
1.0.6 2022/10/10 Details...
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Module for use as shoutbox, chat, virtual meetings etc.
1.9.5 2022/10/08 Details...
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Smart Image

Easy upload, resize and positioning of a page image
0.1.2 2020/07/23 Details...


Rename fast growing errorlogfiles and send out warning
0.1 2020/12/09 Details...
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A modern File Manager for WBCE
1.1.5 2022/05/26 Details...
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VegasSlider (vslider)

Module for Vagas Slider
1.0.3 2021/03/13 Details...
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Backup Plus

Backup & restore made easy
2.8.2 2024/03/07 Details...
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MiniSlides Version 1.0

Versatile slider module
1.0.4 2023/09/06 Details...

Google Fonts Loader

GDPR compliant use of Google fonts
0.5 2024/03/15 Details...