Default Filters

    • OPF E-Mail
      Released: 23.08.2023 | Downloads: 230

      Updated version to fix issue that configuration was not stored/resetted.

      Install via Add-ons > Modules. Make sure to check "overwrite newer files".

    Additional Filters

    • Bad word filter
      Released: 11.03.2023 | Downloads: 141

      As known from some forum software, this filter replaces bad words (or any other unwanted terms) by ****. Can be configured via the filter backend.

    • Highlight To Do
      Released: 11.03.2023 | Downloads: 115

      Install this filter and put "todo:" (without "", but maybe with a description what to do) into the description or keyword field of a page. That page will be marked in the backend so that you immediately see where to continue working.

    • HTTP to HTTPS
      Released: 11.03.2023 | Downloads: 144

      Replace all http-URLs with hhtps-URLs. Useful if the website has been set up long time ago without SSL and is no switched to SSL. 

    • Link words
      Released: 11.03.2023 | Downloads: 123

      With this filter, you can define a list of words/terms which should always be linked to a certain domain. See examples inside. (Remove the "WBCE" example if you're using SimplePageHead without parameters in the template!)

    • short URL
      Released: 11.03.2023 | Downloads: 219

      If you're using the short URL snippet by Dev4Me, this filter replaces all long URLs in the content and the navigation with the shortened ones.