WBCE CMS Add-Ons – 17. Default Modules

Standard-Module, die üblicherweise bereits installiert sind / Modules which are included into WBCE CMS by default (and are usually already installed)

Bild Name Version Last update Details

Account and Signups configuration

Manage User accounts and signup behaviour
0.7.1 2020/12/06 Details...

Captcha Control

2.0.3 2019/03/19 Details...
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ErrorLog Viewer (Errorlogger)

Catch PHP Errors
1.1.3 2022/01/05 Details...

JavaScript Admin

1.4.3 2019/12/01 Details...

Maintainance Mode Switcher

1.1.3 2019/12/01 Details...

SecureFormSwitcher / More Security Settings

1.3.2 2019/12/01 Details...


4.13.2 2020/02/17 Details...
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CKEditor / CKEditor Developer Edition

Default WYSIWYG Editor
4.22.1 2023/07/02 Details...
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MiniForm (WBCE Edition)

The default form module of WBCE
0.23.2 2023/04/27 Details...
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0.8.1 2022/09/05 Details...
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Addon Monitor

Overview to all add-ons on your WBCE System
0.7.2 2021/11/30 Details...
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SEO Tool

See and edit meta title, description and keywords
0.7.1 2021/11/30 Details...
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Call small PHP functions from anywhere
2.3.1 2021/11/30 Details...
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Generates a sitemap
4.0.11 2021/02/07 Details...
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Visitor statistics - WBstats

Basic user statistics for your website 2023/12/16 Details...
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News with Images

Publish news items with no hazzle
5.0.25 2024/02/02 Details...
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A modern File Manager for WBCE
1.1.5 2022/05/26 Details...