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Output Filter Dashboard (OPF Dashboard)

Release Date:
Thomas "thorn"; Hornik, Christian M. Stefan (Stefek), Martin Hecht (mrbaseman)
Description EN:
I have modernized the outputfilter dashboard (OPF) module. The old one was heavily based on PMF ("practical module functions). I always had to install these two modules together, but no other module was based on that framework. So the main goal of this release was to get rid of pmf and use up to date infrastructure of current wb installations. The main changes were (see CHANGELOG):
        - removed dependencies from pmf
        - use phplib templates and usual language files instead of the solutions of PMF
        - removed cache functions which are disabled by default and for practical use anyway
        - switched from tokens to ftan support
        - update documentation (current patches and removed references to PMF from the documentation as well)

It does not require PMF anymore, and if you have used OPF in the past together with PMF, you should  be able to uninstall PMF after upgrading to this version.

Module download available on GitHub.

Download filters here.

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