Available Add-Ons for WBCE CMS

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Title Version Last update Author Category Details Website Repo Forum
Anynews for WBCE CMS 3.0.0 2016/02/14 cwsoft 08. Content Organizing      
Blog Menu for NWI 0.1 2019/06/29 Erik Coenjaerts (for Classic News), florian (for NWI) 08. Content Organizing  
Global Blocks 1.1 2014/07/30 dev4me 08. Content Organizing    
Global Strings Manager 0.8.1 2016/12/21 Christian M. Stefan 08. Content Organizing  
News with Images anywhere 0.1.1 2019/07/21 cwsoft (anynews), mrbaseman, florian 08. Content Organizing  
Section Picker 0.29 / 0.4 2019/04/09 Ruud, florian 08. Content Organizing