Available Add-Ons for WBCE CMS

Info: Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen sollten alle Module kompatibel zu PHP 8 und MySQL-strict sein. Details siehe Forum.
Danke an Bernd für die Tests und Modulupdates!
Note: With a few exceptions, most modules should be compatible with PHP 8 and MySQL-strict. Further details see forum (german).
Thanks to Bernd for the tests and updated modules!


Title Version Last update Author Category Details Website Repo Forum
Blog Menu for News with Images 0.2 2020/04/15 Erik Coenjaerts (for Classic News), florian (for NWI) 08. Content Organizing  
GlobalStrings Manager 0.8.4 2020/06/27 Christian M. Stefan, Bernd 08. Content Organizing  
News with Images anywhere 0.3.5 2021/05/29 cwsoft (anynews), mrbaseman, florian 08. Content Organizing
Section Picker / Section Picker N! 0.29.1 / 0.5 2021/03/13 Ruud, florian 08. Content Organizing