Available Add-Ons for WBCE CMS

Title Version Last update Author Category Details Website Repo Forum
Bookings 2.41 2020/08/14 webbird, bernd, florian 04. Calendars      
Calendar Sync 0.2.6 2020/06/27 SpriteMarkIV / Diamond Visions, florian, bernd 04. Calendars      
Event Calendar 1.13 2020/06/27 diverse, tomno399, bernd 04. Calendars      
Extcal (External Calendar) 1.2.7 2020/06/27 Martin Hecht, Bernd 04. Calendars  
Procalendar 1.3.15 2020/07/30 argos, marmot, webbird, bernd, florian 04. Calendars      

Info: Alle Module sollten kompatibel zu PHP 7.4* und MySQL-strict sein.
Danke an Bernd für die Tests und 60 Modulupdates!
Note: All* modules should be compatible with PHP 7.4 and MySQL-strict.
Thanks to Bernd for the tests and 60 updated modules!

*Ausnahme/except for: Module in "Archive";  Multipage-Permissions, Bookings, will be updated later